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Pediatric Rehabilitation Services

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 by Nandgaonkar's Therapy Services

early intervention

This page will give you an idea about What is Early Intervention and who will benifit from that service at Pediatric Rehabilitation Services at NTS

Sensory integration

Dysfunction in Sensory Integration (DSI) is a problem in processing sensations, which causes difficulties in daily life. DSI is a complex neurological disorder, manifested by difficulty detecting, modulating, and discriminating or integrating sensation adaptively. DSI causes children to process sensation from the environment or from their bodies in an inaccurate way, resulting in "sensory seeking" or "sensory avoiding" patterns or 'dyspraxia," a motor planning problem.

Austism and Sensory Integration

Want to know how Sensory Integration helps the children with Autism!


Neuro Developmental Therapy,Halllmark for the children with Cerebral Palsy