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by Nanadgaonkar's Therapy Services

Prescription and check out of Orthofit and McDavid, USA products

RED Trainer

Salient Features


  • It improves eye hand coordination
  • It improves fine motor coordination
  • It improves Bimanual coordination
  • Activity is graded from simple to complex
  • Time bound activity
  • Encourages use of nail in dexterous task.
  • Appropriate for all age groups.

 INR 800

R.E.D. Test

Rivet & Eyelet Deftness Test
A measure for hand dexterity

Features of the RED Test


         All the Stages of the RED Test have fixed duration for performance

         Enables easy for comparison between different kinds of task like unilateral, bimanual, simple, complex

         Helps in assessment of ability in unilateral, bimanual, simple, complex task on the single platform.

         Requires manipulation by nails (Stage II & IV), thus stresses the importance of nails in hand dexterity.

        Test materials itself present the complexity of task (Stage V)


Uses of this RED Test  

  • Pre employment screening & selection tool = an applicants performance on RED Test can indicate their ability to perform in a job/task that requires hand dexterity.
  • In hand therapy set up to obtain baseline data on patient, to compare the pre and post treatment results
  • To evaluate eye hand coordination & fine motor coordination
  • To assess bimanual coordination.
  • To determine subjects ability & aptitude for certain work related applications & for recommending placement in job that require manual dexterity.
  • To determine the effects of drugs on motor coordination in pharmaceutical company drug trials
  • Assessing candidates for vocational rehabilitation
  • Study of Improvement of manual dexterity through training

 INR 2500

Splinting The Hand Needs 2005

wEiGhT tRaCtIoN dEvIcE ™

for MP mobilization

patent pending