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About Us

Team Members at Hands On Therapy Center

1.Hemant Nandgaonkar, Occupational Therapist,

M.Sc.(O.T. - Hand Therapy - Mumbai),

Sensory Integration Therapy,USA                    

2.Mamatha Shetty, Psychologist

Behaviour Therapy,Psychotherapy  

3.Vijay Rohra, Homeopath and Acupressure   

4.Kirti Kene, Occupational Therapist

Oromotor Intervention    

5.Krunal Desai, Occupational Therapist

6.Suhas Bongade, Occupational Therapist

7.Poonam Patil, Occupational Thrapist

Fine Motor Intervention

8.Kanan Doshi, Occupational Therapist

Neuro Developmetal Therapy,USA

9.Lognathan Guru, Physical Therapist,

Neuro Developmental Therapy, USA

10.Jyoti Maru,Occupational Therapist,Hand writing Expert

11.Nutan Pawaskar, Speech Therapist

12.Renuka Desai, Occupational Therapist

13.Shalaka Halankar, Occupational Therapist

Back Care Program

14.Regina Corda, Special Educator

15.Rujuta Vaidya,Occupational Therapist




B/302,Heritage Holy,Nehru Road,
Mulund West,Mumbai - 400080