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Introduction To Sensory Integrative Perspective

To the course participant,

This letter confirms your registration for Professional Development Program

“Introduction To

Sensory Integrative Perspective”


To be held June 3rd & 4th, 2006





Ground Floor,

New Building,

Shastri Hall,

292 – Javji Dadaji Road,

Mumbai - 400 007

Maharashtra, INDIA


Timings: 08.00 am through 04.00 p.m. (On both days)


Course registration will begin at 8:00 a.m. on June 3rd. Course participants must attend all course hours (not including lunch) to receive a certificate of completion.


Objectives of the course

Participants of the course will 

1         Demonstrate the knowledge of Sensory Integrative Theory

2       Able to identify Sensory Integrative Dysfunction clinically 

3       Know the principles of treatment for Sensory Integrative Dysfunction.


Please wear comfortable clothing for participation in practical on the second day of the course.

If you have any questions,

please call me at +91 989 202 3357


Speakers for the course are


Hemant Nandgaonkar

Ashwini Vaishampayan    

Dr.Vivek Nalgirkar

Kurani Dilip



Following course participants are successfully registered.

Please check for your name below.(spelling)

It will appear in the same way on the certificate of completion.

If there is any change please let us know.

Email us at –

1.   Dr.Rachana Mhatre

2.   Dr.Jasmine Ashok Kasbe

3.   Dr.Amit P. More

4.   Ketki J. Bailiff

5.   Yogita Chhawchhria

6.   Esha Qureshi

7.   Farheen Thaku

8.   Reshma Hemant Desai

9.   Purnima V. Parimoo

10.                     Sejal Arjun Mithbawkar

11.                     Namita Gopinath Shenai

12.                     Aarti Rego

13.                     Anuja Pereira

14.                     Shalaka Omprakash Halarnkar

15.                     Priyanka Prakash Dhargalkar

16.                     Rupal Pravin Gohil

17.                     Gauri N. Rege

18.                     Miss. Pooja Suresh Kadam

19.                     Nusra Surangiwala

20.                     Nithayakumari Rajendran

21.                     Dheeraj

22.                     Nandoskar Vibhuti Vijay

23.                     Mahek Uttamchandani

24.                     Khyati Dharia

25.                     Bhairavi Dani

26.                     Pranita Gaigole

27.                     Meghana Jayesh Shah

28.                     Sane Anushree Arvind

29.                     Vivek Virutkar

30.   Sushant Sarang

31.   Ruta Kushe

32.   Lokpriya Sakhare

33.      Isha Jha

34.   Mita Doshi

35.   Payal Singhania

36.   Urmi Kulkarni

37. Poonam Patil

38. Kirti Kene

39. Suhas Bongade

40. Krunal Desai



my way to the course venue
i will reach at 8:00 a.m. for the course

B/302,Heritage Holy,Nehru Road,
Mulund West,Mumbai - 400080