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industrial rehabilitation
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by Nandgaonkar's Therapy Services


We provide functional capacity evaluations for injured workers to determine the employee's ability to return to work and to provide information for disability benefits. For individuals who require more extensive rehabilitation, work conditioning provides job simulation, education in proper body mechanics/neutral posture, body strengthening, and cardiovascular training.

To prevent injuries before they happen, we recommends a pre-placement screen, which we consider an important component in a comprehensive work-injury prevention program. The screen tests the physical requirements of a specific job, and assists the employer in matching an applicant's abilities to the job.

"Pre-placement screens are most beneficial in conjunction with the center's other prevention services, including educational programs such as Back School, Office Ergonomics, Pre-Work Stretching, and Cumulative Trauma,". We also offer a fitness program for patients who have completed their course of therapy and may benefit from continued exercise and conditioning.
Ergonomics program
Ergonomics program consists of lectures and individual posture/movement,
assessments at the work station. The lectures are tailored to the tasks necessary for each department or company.Our goal is to provide information on work site ergonomics, and follow through to the application for each individual as needed.

The training provides an overview of the steps for proper chair adjustments, workstation set-ups and postural patterns. It then covers the risk factors that have been linked to repetitive strain injuries.

The on-site evaluation further helps on an individual basis adjust and refine a person's set-up. This is especially helpful for a person having pain or any complaints; who may need special instruction and positional adjustments.

For both phases of the program, the emphasis is on education for the general posture and movement patterns which are safest and most efficient. Equipment recommendations are considered an adjunct. Often, all adjustments are made to the current workstation without significant cost or purchase requirements. Follow up is essential to assure follow through of instructions and the incorporation of recommended changes or modifications.