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my bhavishya
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my panditjee says to me

panditjee says

hemant, you are a Libra employee You are efficient, but you need a perfect work environment to work well. If not, you retreat into a sullen silence, and offer no excuses for lousy work. The most important thing to you is harmony. Perfect justice is your ideal. This causes you to assume the role of peacemaker when quarrels arise. You are adept at clearing the air of disagreements. It's difficult to figure just what annoys or pleases you. You hate today what you found delightful last month, and what you fancy today may not interest you tomorrow. You never are the cause of office politics. You are the epitome of tact, clearing the air wherever needed. You bring your own personal aura of grace and beauty to everything you touch. You want to lead, and you are well qualified. You may have a little trouble making up your mind at times. Your train of thought never runs at breakneck speed when the destination is a decision, but it seldom goes off the track. After you are finally pulled into the station, you'll probably have the right answer. You are extremely artistic and bring a calming influence to your place if work. You are a valuable employee, fixing things at the right time. Every workplace needs one of you to keep the well-oiled machinery running.

hemant, as a Libra boss, you are very restless and full of outgoing activity, yet you never seem to be in a hurry, a contradiction few people can manage. You have a fetish for frenzied activity, Born with a natural affinity for the element of air, you accomplish even frenzied action with so much easy grace, you almost seem to be standing still. In spite of your often shy, gentle manner, you are not an island. There's always a need to express yourself in some way, to communicate with others. You are sure to be intelligent. You are a persuasive talker and a great debater. You can sway a whole roomful of people effortlessly. You seek opinions frequently. There are several motives for your flattering interest in other's ideas. First of all, you want to be fair. You do not want to make either an unjust or unpopular decision. Another reason you feel compelled to gather up all the pros and cons of an issue is because, without access to all the available facts, you feel incapable of making a wise assessment.