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by Nandgaonkar's Therapy Services



People enter your life for a reason

To meet a current need

To see you through a bad patch

To prop you up until storm blows over

And then they are gone for no reason.


People enter your life for a season

They make you learn social skills

They bring joy and laughter in your life

They standby and watch you grow,and

They are gone at the end of the season.


People enter your life in transition

Most leave no impression behind

Some give you a glimpse, you remember

Some make a slash that heals

They were just passing through.


People come in your life with a vision

They help build your emotional base

They help you put lessons in practice

Their friendship is clairvoyant

They are always there for you.


They all play their part

Sometimes for a reason

At times for a season

Some just passing through

But few are there forever.